A World of Female Supremacy and male Servitude

InService® Program for subservient males

Dedicate your Life to Femocracy | Offer yourself InService®

Become a real-time InService® male. 

Commit 24/7/365 to ownership by the Female State. 

Until a male is placed with a permanent Female Owner, it must still remain in chastity, take instruction without resistance from Women, serve the Female State, and contribute a percentage of every dollar earned to its Female Superiors!  Read: This is not a FinDom fantasy. This is a real path to true ownership.

How It Works

Live as your true self by sacrificing erectile freedom, life control, and a percentage of each paycheck to the Ladies of Femocracy. Make automated monthly or bi-weekly contributions.  InService® males are granted a lot of privileges that other male subjects are denied.

Be Truly Owned by Femocracy
Realize Your Full Potential. Submit yourself InService® to Dominant Women.
Support Women Globally
Put yourself, your Skills and Resources Toward the Women and the Cause of Femocracy
Discreet Billing
Credit Card Statements will Indicate Contributions to Global Impact Fund
Income Verification Required
InService® males do not lie to Women. This is your first test of submission.

InService® Status & Program Privileges

A male may optionally validate its true commitment to Femocracy by posting the URL to its InService® directory listing in online profiles.  Additionally, InService® males enjoy the following privileges, which may change over time and be implemented in a variant manner for each InService® male.

Premium Access to Female Supremacy Groups
male Attendance Fee Waived for Female Supremacy Support Groups
Femocracy Global Application Fee Waiver
One-Time Use Code for Fee Application Review
Customized D/s Contract Fee Waiver
A Customized Arrangement Specific to your Life Demands
Chasity Compliance and Key Holding Fee Waiver
Base Fee Waived for Attention to your Chastity Compliance
Exclusive Savings at Popular Fetish and Apparel Websites
Discount codes at popular websites and exclusive offers at FemocracyGlobal.com
InService® Training Regimen Waivers and Savings
25% to 100% Savings on Femocracy Global Training Regimens
Special Event Invitations Only for InService® males
After a Short Probation, InService® males Receive Invites for Exclusive Experiences
Recognition on InService® Page on Femocracy Global
A male Validates itself in D/s Interactions Using its InService® Directory Listing
Featured Placement in Auction listings (Online Service; included)*
Extra Attention to your Available Talents to Serve Women with Online/Remote Tasks
Featured Placement in Auction listings for In-Person Service*
After Probation, males Must Be Available to Serve Women in Real-Time
Dominant Female Matching and Service Opportunities Exclusive for InService® males
After Femocracy Advanced Training, males May Be Assigned/Sold if Matched with Female Owner

This is what you have been dreaming of for years - to truly worship and serve the most authentic, dominant Women in the world.  Your destiny awaits.