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  • Cum Tax to Femocracy


    Put your money where your mouth is.

    Femocracy Cum Tax to be assessed on all males.

    $20 per orgasm

    Discrete billing as Global Impact Fund

  • Male Slave Bondage Femocracy Global Female Supremacy Male Submission

    InService® male servitude Program

    Live as a true servant of the Female State. All males will sacrifice erectile and orgasmic freedoms, surrender life control, and allocate a percentage of their income to the Ladies of Femocracy. InService® males are granted a lot of privileges that other male subjects are denied. (details here)

    Must be 18 years old or older to participate.

  • Femocracy Global Tribute to Female Supremacy male slave submission Dominant Women

    Monthly Tribute to Femocracy

    Suggested Price: $250.00 / month

    Femocracy permits the existence of only those males willing to truly commit themselves in service to superior Females.   The Female State demands an ongoing commitment.  Enter the amount to be deducted from your account every month while you are still able to make this choice.

    Choose wisely, for you will be judged accordingly.

    Discrete billing as Global Impact Fund

  • One-Time Tribute to Femocracy

    Suggested Price: $250.00

    Know your place, male!  Good.  Now do what you are made to do; contribute your talents, specifically the earnings from them to the Female State.  One-time tributes, or any tributes for that matter, do not entitle you to anything.  It's simply your purpose to do this.  NOW, enter the amount you wish to surrender, and surrender.

    Discrete billing as Global Impact Fund