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  • Cum Tax to Femocracy


    Put your money where your mouth is.

    Femocracy Cum Tax to be assessed on all males.

    $20 per orgasm

    Discrete billing as Global Impact Fund

  • Male Slave Bondage Femocracy Global Female Supremacy Male Submission

    FSSG Meeting Tribute


    Gain access to a Femocracy Support Group near you!

    Tributes required of all males in attendance. Select your city below. Whether or not you can attend, you may tribute or sponsor wine for any group to support the cause and the Ladies of Femocracy.


  • FSSG Wine Sponsor


    Sponsor the wine at a Femocracy Support Group

    The Ladies of Femocracy are seeking good boys to take care of Our beverage needs each month.

    Although costs vary, the average price of serving all the Female attendees is about $150/month per meeting.

    This is NOT a recurring tribute/payment.
    To automatically sponsor a groups wine consumption each month (recurring tribute), click here.

    Discrete one-time billing as Global Impact Fund

    As a thank you for your proactive service and contribution to Our cause, We will recognize each sponsor with a special video message on Twitter!