Live as a true servant of the Female State. All males will sacrifice erectile and orgasmic freedoms, surrender life control, and allocate a percentage of their income to the Ladies of Femocracy. InService® males are granted a lot of privileges that other male subjects are denied. (details here)

Must be 18 years old or older to participate.



Become a real-time InService® male by committing to always be working and contributing to the Cause of Femocracy.

  • Income will be verified. males may not lie to Women.
  • Discreet Billing


InService® Status & Program Privileges

  • Access to Monthly Female Supremacy Support Groups (male Fee Waivers)
  • Femocracy servitude Application Fee Waiver
  • Customized D/s Contract Fee Waiver
  • Chasity Key Holding Program (Base Tribute Waived)
  • Exclusive Savings at Popular Fetish and Apparel Websites
  • 25% to 100% Savings on Femocracy Global Training Regimens
  • Special Event Invitations (after InService® probation period)
  • Recognition using Twitter/fetish usernames on verified InService® page
  • Featured male servitude Auction listing (Online Service; included)
  • Featured male servitude Auction listing – (RealTime service) – after InService® probation
  • Auction participation requires Domme permission if owned
  • Domme Matching Service (for unowned males after advanced training)

This is what you have been dreaming of for years – to truly worship and serve Superior Females.