Event starts on May 18, 2018


Female Supremacy Support Group | London

Next event: Brand new dungeon venue under renovation; opening Summer 2019, where all future London meetings will be held by Mistress Xena

Event Fee: Tribute amount of £50.00 (GBP) at the door. Payment on FemocracyGlobal.com is $60 USD.

Attire: Dress as you like.

These Groups are taking place in cities all around the world in unison, on the 3rd weekend of every month.

Each group and the whole network is designated as sacred space where Women are held in superior status. This association promotes & provides a worldwide support system for Female Rule & within its confines functions an all Female-Led Society that serves as a working model for a Female-Led World.

They are private & anonymous Female Supremacy networking & planning committees for Superior Women & subordinate men, where Women are in charge & men silently observe, obey, serve & protect.

You may also attend in Los Angeles, NYC, Houston, Reno, Tampa, Atlanta, Raleigh, Calgary, St-Petersburg, Berlin and elsewhere.  We are looking for more Women to start Groups in other areas.

Cost: Free for All women to attend & the cost for men varies by group.

All Women & subservient men are welcome.
All Groups adhere to private, anonymous, non-sexual, no-nudity policies.

males: Contact Goddess Xena with all inquiries about attending this group
Ladies: Contact Princess Seva if you would like to start a similar group in Your city

Submit tribute to attend London group.


Location changes occasionally - please see details below.


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