Femocracy Group: New York City Female Leadership


Discover Femocracy with guidance of the movement’s female leaders and lifestyle trainers. Find your place as relationship dynamics shift and society evolves to female leadership.

Host: MadameV

Femocracy means “rule by the feminine.” As cooperation, communication, and nonaggression become the dominant themes of the modern world; it is time to rethink our roles, structures, and historical narratives.

Location & virtual meeting link distributed upon approval or RSVP.

Femocracy group training topics and activities vary by meeting. Contact the host for details.

Meeting rules for male participants:

  • Treat Female participants with deference and respect.
  • Set your opinions aside; come with the mindset needed for discovery, learning, and training.
  • Comply immediately with requests of the group leader and other Female participants.
  • Listen quietly with an open mind.
  • Speak clearly and only to the extent necessary when addressed by Female participants.
  • Speak for yourself, not as the representative of any group.
  • One person talks at a time. Stop talking if a Female participant interrupts you.
  • If attending virtually, mute yourself when not talking or responding.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.

All group meeting discussions and participant identities are to be kept strictly confidential.

males: Request approval to attend by contributing the application fee using the button below. Then fill out the form provided in the email you receive.

males: First time attendance to a femocracy group requires application to participate.

Women: Please notify the Femocracy group host that you will be in attendance.