A World of Female Supremacy and male Servitude
Interact with like-minded Dommes and slaves in your city as we seek to accelerate toward a world of Female Supremacy and male submission Find Femocracy Events

Femocracy Global is empowering and supporting Females' rise to power in every corner of the globe.
If you are male, submission now is your only hope for survival.

Plan to join us monthly on the 3rd Saturday for our worldwide Female Supremacy Support Groups. Other events, such as conventions, Domme Birthday Celebrations, InService® slaveAuctions, and slave Competitions may also be listed here.

Submissive males Wanted for InService® Training

Live as your true self by sacrificing erectile freedom, life control, and contributing to the lives of the Ladies of Femocracy. InService® males are granted a lot of privileges that other male subjects are denied. Explore InService® submission to learn more.

Explore InService® submission

Be Truly Owned

Realize Your Full Potential. Submit yourself InService® to Dominant Women.

Support Women Globally

Put yourself, your Skills and Resources Toward the Women and the Cause of Femocracy.

Interact with Dominant Women

Special experiences like chastity keyholding, GPS monitoring and other submission.

Premium Access

Special content, privileges, and invites other male subjects are simply denied.